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Throwback Thursday: 1970 Pulitzer Prizes

It’s hard to believe that 1970 is already half a century in the past! So I thought, for this Throwback Thursday, I would share with you the winners of the Pulitzer Prizes in poetry and fiction from fifty years ago. While we don’t have the individual book that won in poetry (Untitled Subjects), many of the poems from this book are contained in the author’s selected poems, which I have linked below.


Poetry: Untitled Subjects by Richard Howard (contained in this book)


Fiction: Collected Stories by Jean Stafford

This Week in 1970: New York Times Bestsellers


#1 in Fiction: The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles

#2. The Godfather by Mario Puzo
#3. The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier
#4. The Inheritors by Harold Robbins
#5. Puppet On a Chain by Alistair MacLean


#1 in Non-Fiction: The Selling of the President by Joe McGinniss

#2. The Peter Principle by Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull
#3. Present At the Creation by Dean Acheson
#4. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language by American Heritage Publishing Co.
#5. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex by Dr. David Reuben