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Forgotten Magazines

In my last post I blogged about the great magazines available through RBDigital. Today I want to tell you about a resource for magazines that is often forgotten about- Badgerlink!

Everyone who lives in Wisconsin has access to Badgerlink. It is a great place to find journal articles, but they also have some popular magazines. The people from Badgerlink have created a list of those popular titles. The interface isn’t as nice as RBDigital BUT you you can access magazine from further back in time. And they have…

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Favorite Magazines

Growing up, we always had a stack of magazines sitting in a basket. I don’t know if my mom ever read half of the magazines that would come in to our house. I think she was a fan of Publisher’s Clearing House.

I do not have a single subscription to a magazine. I use RBDigital through the library. You can stream magazine issues on your computer or you can download issues on your phone or tablet using the RBDigital app. You keep the title as long as you want and the layout of the magazine is the same as in print. Here are some of my favorite titles!

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