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Favorite Magazines

Growing up, we always had a stack of magazines sitting in a basket. I don’t know if my mom ever read half of the magazines that would come in to our house. I think she was a fan of Publisher’s Clearing House.

I do not have a single subscription to a magazine. I use RBDigital through the library. You can stream magazine issues on your computer or you can download issues on your phone or tablet using the RBDigital app. You keep the title as long as you want and the layout of the magazine is the same as in print. Here are some of my favorite titles!

National Geographic

I love learning about other places, cultures, and beliefs. There is such a variety of stories told in this magazine. And the photos… just awesome! Don’t forget to look at past issues by clicking on “all Issues” or “View All Issues”. If you like National Geographic, you might also like the Smithsonian Magazine.

In Touch Weekly

This is my guilty pleasure. I enjoy reading gossip magazines. InTouch weekly is my favorite, but RBDigital has a bunch. Use the filter feature and choose “Entertainment” to see a long list. They also have “Celebrity & Gossip” genre filter, but I like the titles in the “Entertainment” section better.

Cook’s Country

So many great recipes! Don’t read this magazine during your work break because you will get hungry reading this magazine. Again, don’t forget to look at the back issues available. Food Network Magazine, Cook’s Illustrated, Clean Eating are just a few of the other cooking magazines available.

Reader’s Digest

Nostalgia Alert! This title is one of the magazines I grew up with. It’s one of those magazine to bring along while you wait in a doctor’s office. They have quite a few short articles. I enjoy the humor still.

I am sure you will find at least one magazine to read. I didn’t even touch on any of the titles that have to do with hobbies. They have magazines about all types of arts,crafts, pets, finances and sports. There are titles for kids. There are titles in Spanish. They also have adult coloring books which allow you to print out the images. I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of RBDigital Magazines!

PS- If you really enjoy a magazine you can have RBDigital automatically check that title out to you when the next issue comes out. They will then e-mail you when the issue is available. Just check on the box after you check out the current issue.