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Make New Experiences with Mead!

In addition to all the rad traditional items we have at the Mead Public Library, we also have a variety of non-traditional items that are available to you for FREE within our experience collection! In this collection, we have all kinds of items that will lend to you learning and creating first hand. In the experience collection, you will find all kinds of items to checkout including museum passes, STEM kits, unique baking tools, Makey Makey kits, and much more. You can find the majority of the collection when you first walk inside our library. Take a look! To even further appeal to you, here’s a list of our newest experience collection items:

*Please note that these items can only be checked out and returned to Mead Public Library.

Drum Kit

  • Yay, music! This kit comes with a WG101 drum set, pedals, drumsticks, and more to get you started on drums. Worried about the noise? Have no fear, there is a headphone output that allows you to contain the music. The set has 10 preset songs but can be used for playing along with other music. The drum kit has ability to connect to computers and portable devices to record and edit your own music. This kit can even be used for games with the game function. This gets a 14 day loan.

Bird Watching Kit

  • Impress everyone with your bird knowledge! This kit is perfect for a nature day or even a road trip With this kit, you get to take home everything you need to spot and identify birds: a monocular telescope with smartphone attachment, a tripod, two bird guide books and more! The bird watching kit gets a 28 day loan, It comes in a nifty backpack for easy transportation.

Bubble Machine

  • Who doesn’t need more bubbles? This automatic bubble blower can make over 8,000 bubbles per minute! Perfect for parties, playdates, and, well, really anytime. The bubble machine gets a 7 day loan.

Karaoke Machine

  • Bring the gift of karaoke anywhere by checking this out! The karaoke machine loans for 7 days. The set comes with the machine and all supplies needed to use the machine. This includes two wireless microphones so no one has to sing alone!

Stargazing Telescope Kit

  • This is a great kit for stargazing beginners! With this kit, you’ll have a telescope, tripod, and more to learn the ropes to professional telescopes. Complete with a user’s manual to guide you, you’ll be seeing stars in no time! The stargazing telescope kit has a 28 day loan period.

Home Recording Studio Kit (for adults)

  • Create your own digital content with this kit! Please note this set is specifically for adult cardholders. The home recording studio kit loans for 28 days. When you check this out, you’ll have a voice microphone, webcam, ring light, and selfie stick at your disposal. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Universal Car Engine Code Reader

  • Learn what’s wrong (hopefully nothing) with your car by checking this out! Our universal car engine code reader comes with a 4 page instruction manual to guide you through the process. This has a 7 day loan period.

You can view more of our experience collection offerings on our website here or in person! We are always working hard to add more materials to this collection. Please note that the majority of these items cannot be placed on hold and are loaned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thanks for letting Mead Public Library create amazing experiences for you!