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Shake This Book!

Interactive picture books provide an engaging reading experience. They are fun for young listeners/readers, and are an especially great option for those not ready to sit for a full story. These books require active participation in the story by encouraging readers to complete a small task before turning the page. The story may request for you to shake or tilt the book, blow on or trace a picture with your finger, spin the book or your body, clap your hands, or even count to a certain number to help move the story along. Once you’ve completed your task, turn the page to see the effect your action had on the story! There are many entertaining interactive children’s books available in our library. I’ve listed some of my favorites below!

The Cat Book by Silvia Borando

You will be busy taking care of your cat in this fun book. Once you’ve woken him up, you will have to pet him, squish some fleas, dry him off after he gets wet, try to scare away a bird so he doesn’t eat it, and then help him go to sleep. Readers of all ages will enjoy interacting with this cute kitty!

Tickle My Ears by Jörg Mühle

Help Little Rabbit get ready for bed in this sweet bedtime picture book. Listeners will help by clapping their hands so he puts his pajamas on, fluffing his pillow, tucking him in, giving him a kiss goodnight, and turning off the light. This is a cozy bedtime read that will encourage your child to settle in for the night.

Stir Crack Whisk Bake: A Little Book about Little Cakes by America’s Test Kitchen Kids and Maddie Frost

The youngest of chefs will enjoy interacting with this book and imagining themselves making cupcakes. Tasks include gathering ingredients, tapping the eggs to crack them, shaking the book to mix the ingredients, tilting the book to pour batter, and swirling frosting on top of each cupcake.

Play This Book by Jessica Young

Young music makers will love playing the instruments that are boldly illustrated in this book. Rhyming text encourages listeners to strum a guitar, beat on a drum, shake maracas, crash cymbals, blow a trumpet, and take a bow!

Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson

Learn about the life cycle of flowers while interacting with this fun book that begins with a seed. Rhyming text directs readers to complete tasks such as pressing a seed into the soil, wiggling fingers to add water, and rubbing the sun to make it hotter. The end of the book also includes some facts about seeds, flowers, and insects for readers wishing to learn more.

There’s a Monster in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

Oh no! There’s a monster in your book and you need to get him out! You will need to try tilting and shaking the book, tickling his feet, blowing him away, and making loud noises. Find out what happens when the monster finally leaves this adorable book.

Mix it Up! by Hervé Tullet

Follow the directions in this book and see what happens when you mix colors together! You will use your fingers to mix realistic looking paint samples and turn the page to see how they transform. Can you guess what colors you will make?