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A New Foe Has Appeared!

Most years, we’d be approaching E3 season. That may be canceled, but there are a few games that I’m looking forward to that have already been announced. I’m sure as announcements trickle in that there will be more games that I’ll look forward to, but we’ll start with these.


Maneater (PS4/Xbox One)

As much as I love a good story, I’m a sucker for an open-world RPG. This one has piqued my interest because it’s not the usual shooter or fantasy RPG. It’s tough to say from the gameplay they’ve shown how much variety there will be for what you can do. So far, it’s eating things and swimming through beautiful aquatic scenery. I suspect that’s why the game is cheaper than most games upon release, but I still want to try it.


Destroy All Humans! (PS4/Xbox One)

Destroy All Humans! was a game that mesmerized me with its demo, back when Target still had demos, as a kid. A lot of it had to do with finding it funny to throw the cows around with telekinesis. I don’t remember why I never got it, but it’s always tantalized me. Technically, you can already play this on PS4, but this new version has updated graphics. That’s a major reason to get this version for me. I can’t see past jagged polygons.


Wasteland 3 (PS4/Xbox One)

It was while I was playing Fallout: New Vegas in college that I discovered the Wasteland series. Wasteland inspired the Fallout series. It’ll be interesting after Fallout 76 to see whether Wasteland 3 can take the crown back.


Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4/Xbox One)

Of all the games on this list, Cyberpunk 2077 is hands down the one I’m most excited for. I wish I had seen more gameplay footage of the game. They’ve shown a fair amount of shooting and talking, which looks good to me, but I don’t know much about what you do between fights. Hopefully, in June, we’ll get to see some of that.