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Graphic Novels for Early Readers

Graphic novels provide fun, visually stimulating reading options for children of all ages and reading abilities. They are an especially great option for reluctant readers and new readers. Graphic novels are full-length stories that pair a limited amount of text with sequenced pictures. This format helps new readers to more easily follow the plot of the story and to help build the reading stamina needed to read chapter books with more text. We have a large collection of graphic novels in our children’s library that cover a variety of genres. This month, I have some recommendations for early readers.

A Good Team by Heather Ayris Burnell

This is the second book in the early reader series about the friendship between Unicorn and Yeti. These two friends have different abilities and enjoy different activities, but find ways to modify their activities so they can both participate in the fun. Humorous text and bold illustrations add to the appeal of this collection of three short stories.

Do You Like My Bike? by Norman Feuti

This is the first book in the Hello, Hedgehog early reader series. There are three humorous short stories about Hedgehog and his bike, and his friendship with Harry. The stories are relatable for young readers and show great examples of a supportive friendship.

Peter & Ernesto: A Tale of Two Sloths by Graham Annable

This is a fun story about sloths, Peter and Ernesto, who are friends with very different personalities. Peter is happy to stay in his tree, while Ernesto craves adventure. When Ernesto goes off on a trip to see all of the sky, Peter stays behind and worries about what might happen to Ernesto while he’s away. Peter decides to go looking for Ernesto and winds up having an adventure of his own, until they are happily reunited with an even stronger friendship.

Tiger vs. Nightmare by Emily Tetri

Tiger has a monster living under her bed. They play together every night before bedtime. Then, while Tiger sleeps, Monster scares away all of the nightmares so she only has good dreams. All is well until Monster encounters an extra terrifying nightmare that can’t be scared away! Monster helps Tiger to face her fears and bravely conquer the nightmare herself.

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton

This charming book has three stories about a new friendship between a narwhal and a jellyfish. Narwhal has an upbeat personality, while Jelly is a bit more reserved. Their opposite personalities balance each other out, and they are able to learn a lot from each other – while having fun! You’ll want to check out the other books from this series as well for more fun adventures.

Little Robot by Ben Hatke

A little girl finds a small, lost robot in the woods and befriends it in this sweet and action-packed story. As their friendship develops, a large robot aggressively seeks out the missing robot. The little girl tries to help her new friend, but not always in the best way. Lessons are learned though, and there is a happy ending. This story has limited text, with detailed illustrations that clearly tell the story.

Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

This is the first book in the popular series about a police officer that is part dog and part man. Dog Man fights crime in ridiculous scenarios, full of silliness and with a bit of gross humor. The colorful illustrations and text that is written in a child-like style will appeal to children of all ages.